Sweating Good Vibes: Ella Leupold

 Up next in our community series is Dallas based spin instructor and self-proclaimed “Personal Hypeman”, Ella Leupold. If you follow sweatWELLth on Instagram, you may recognize Ella from when she posted about POWER SHOWER, her go-to sweatWELLth product between her classes.

Ella first found sweatWELLth via Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, a local community for fitness and healthy living people who are looking to get sweaty and make friends (aka our kind of people).

Read on to see how she finds her own inner WELLthness and what keeps her motivated.

Where do you live? Dallas, TX

What do you do? I teach Cycle45 at Class Studios and consider myself a "Personal Hypeman" and do all things fitness. 

What motivates you? I am constantly motivated by witnessing "glow ups" of the people that I love. By seeing friends take a leap of faith and get a new job, move to a new city or embody an entirely new lifestyle, I'm inspired to take ownership of my life and live loud. I am also inspired by people with incredible and infectious energy. 

When do you feel most strong? Yoga makes me feel extremely strong and centered. 

What's your favorite type of workout or activity? I really love any rhythm-based workout (although bias to cycling), but anything that let's me zone out and get lost in the beat. I also love that the beat holds you accountable to whatever the speed is. 

What advice would you give on finding their inner WELLth (aka a healthy balance of health, happiness and mindfulness)? Change your mindset. Start to crave and look forward to your next chance to sweat. Try new workouts. Talk to your instructors. Fuel your body with what you ENJOY and makes you feel GOOD. 

What's your favorite sweatWELLth product?  POWER SHOWER- I am such a sweaty human. This stuff is a major gamechanger when you are on the go after your workouts.