Sweating Good Vibes: Jess Glazer

Images via @jess.glazer shot by @dianadaviscreative

Personal trainer and health/ wellness coach, Jess Glazer is up next for our community series. We're completely inspired and motivated by this former competitive gymnast who is all about empowering women to feel their strongest, healthiest and happiest.

Where do you live? NYC

What do you do? I'm a personal trainer at an elite training studio called Performix House. I'm also an online health/wellness coach who focuses on helping women ditch the diet, curb the cravings, and heal their relationship with food. I just launched my brand new, 3-month mastermind intensive course "Food Freedom University". Enrollment is open and class starts September 24th! In addition to all of that, I'm the founder and owner of FITtrips; monthly, women's only fitness/brunch based "field trips". FITtrips are special days where we can step out of our comfort zones, try new things, sweat, connect with like-minded women, and pamper ourselves for a few hours of self-love, laughs, and building muscles & memories. FITtrips is not only about the girls who come, but about giving back to others. Every month I choose a different charity/organization to give a portion of our proceeds.    

What motivates you? The number one thing that motivates me is seeing others succeed which is why I love teaching. There is nothing more motivating than helping a client overcome their fears, watching a someone have an "ah ha" moment, seeing someone finally believe in themselves, helping guide another person to finding self-love, inner strength, and confidence.  

When do you feel most strong? I feel most strong when I'm physically moving my body. It doesn't matter if I'm lifting heavy weights, practicing yoga and holding my own body, climbing, biking, or hiking. Whenever I'm physically active I feel unstoppable. Just knowing what my body is capable of, being grateful for having a healthy body I can move freely, and pushing myself to the edge of discomfort, that is when I feel strongest. 

Name that one thing or accomplishment that still brings a smile to your face. Oh, there are so many and while one of my most proud accomplishments is overcoming, surviving, and thriving after a 10 year battle with bulimia; I'd have to say that one thing truly brings a smile to my face, is hearing from my old clients/students. Hearing how I impacted their lives. Having them send me messages via social media and asking me for advice, thanking me for teaching them, telling me that I'm still inspiring them even though I'm not their teacher/trainer anymore. Clients sending me text updates, sweaty pictures, and small wins. THAT is the stuff that really puts a smile on my face. That's the gold! There is no better feeling than knowing you made an impact on someone else's life and journey.

Does being a former competitive athlete play into how you train? I think being a former competitive athlete 100% plays a roll in how I train. Growing up a highly competitive gymnast I learned about certain things at a very young age that have stuck with me, like: time management, goal setting, self-motivation, training when you're tired, pushing, but also learning to take rest, failing (a lot), delayed gratification, how to win/lose, dealing with injuries/setbacks, hard work, critique, judgement, self-respect, discipline, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Over the years I've really been able to hone in on my passion for health/fitness, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and why it's so important; I credit that to my initial love with the sport.

What's your favorite type of workout or activity? This changes all the time, just like the seasons. As I get older, as the trends change, as my interests change and my mindset shifts I feel pulled to different types of activities. Right now, I'm really loving being back in my roots; training tons of body weight exercises based around gymnastics. Functional training, high intensity, shorter workouts, less weight, more yoga, more stretching, more recovery. 

What advice would you give on finding their inner WELLth (aka a healthy balance of health, happiness and mindfulness)? Oh boy, this is a loaded question because this is exactly what I coach clients on. I'm all about mindset, daily routines, and shifting focus to how we're feeling rather than how we look. That said, in order to feel balanced, to look within, to feel strong, confident, and happy we truly need to slow down. We need to stay in our own lanes, stop comparing. Practice self-love and gratitude (journal, meditate, take days off, get a message, read books, go on walks, etc.) We need to say "no" more often and allow ourselves time/space to just be. Fuel our bodies and brains with healthy foods. Crowd out the garbage, the gossip, and negative people. Fill out plates and lives with as much good and positivity as possible. Trust the process, enjoy the journey, and belief in yourself! Oh, and have fun!!!

What's your favorite sweatWELLth product? Okay, so anyone who has used the POWER SHOWER knows that the obsession is real, but let's not forget my other favorite product; LIP QUENCH- the tinted electrolyte lip balm because it's so smooth, smells great and has SPF in it; plus it adds a little lip color without being over the top for my #gymlife so it's basically a one stop shop in a tiny stick!