Sweating Good Vibes: Tara Emerson

Meet fitness coach, Tara Emerson. She’s next up in our community series. Tara is an LA based trainer whose Instagram is filled with workouts and positive energy. Needless to say, we’re hooked!

Movement is a huge part of Tara’s life. She has never let her neuromuscular disease define her. Tara shares how committing to being an athlete and maintaining physical + spiritual strength helps defy her condition.

Read on to see why we are obsessed with Tara.

What motivates you?

Movement is so important to me because I was born with a neuromuscular dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). This incurable disease causes progressive atrophy in the legs and numbness in the feet, but I have never let my condition define me. I have always committed to being an "athlete" and maintaining my physical and spiritual strength so I could defy any challenges associated with CMT. I am motivated to move and exercise because I want to motivate others with CMT to do the same. This unrecognized disease is actually very common and affects 1 in 2500 in the world.

When do you feel most strong?

I feel fierce, strong and unstoppable when I am dripping in sweat. It makes me feel present in my own body and vibrantly alive!

What's your favorite type of workout or activity?

Spinning! I love the sweat factor and the energy behind moving to the music. I always leave with that "workout high".

What advice would you give on finding their inner WELLth (aka a healthy balance of health, happiness and mindfulness)?

Your inner WELLth should not be based on a chart or How-To fitness plan. Inner WELLth is not a "one-size fits all" destination to a perfect life and it's not always "Instagram-able". Personal health, happiness and mindfulness is always evolving, and my journey is uniquely mine. I’m on a personal quest to live MY best. I tell my students that you do not have to be the best athlete in the room; you just need to be the best version of you. I try to live that. When I live my healthiest life that I am proud of and honestly enjoy, I am my happiest and best self. 

What's your favorite sweatWELLth product?

Power Shower!!! This product is just so functional for me! Generally I teach multiple sweaty classes a day (TRX to spin class to TRX again) and while I change my clothes between classes, I never really feel fresh. Power Shower is the perfect product for me because before I put on a new sports bra and pair of leggings, I spray down with Power Shower and I literally feel clean and refreshed. It's more than a "cover up" scent. I have tried other refresh sprays and they just don't remove the oils, dirt and grime like POWER SHOWER does. The scent is the best part. It makes you feel renewed and clean!