sweatWELLth x Hannah Eden


We’re pumped to share that we have teamed up with fitness entrepreneur and all around inspirational athlete, Hannah Eden to support her on her 828.6 mile adventure, The Ring Road in Iceland. Hannah is going to use her favorite sweatWELLth products to power her through the grueling 100+ mile days.

The Ring Road is just the beginning; Hannah’s goal is to raise money for her foundation, Serene Soldier, to honor her friend Jessica Boswell. Team sweatWELLth is proud to support Hannah’s mission in taking a stand for anyone fighting the battle.

Learn more about Hannah’s foundation Serene Soldier here.

Hannah’s 8 day, 828.6 mile Iceland adventure starts on Monday, July 9th. Each day, Hannah will run/ bike over 100+ miles around The Ring Road. To track Hannah’s progress each day, follow her on Instagram @HannahEden_Fitness.

Here’s how you can help us support Serene Soldier:

Make a purchase on sweatwellth.com and enter HANNAHSW18 at checkout you will get 20% off your order, and we will donate 20% of its purchase price to Serene Soldier.