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Just like you have the right to know what's in the food you eat, you also have the right to know what you put on your skin…so we kept all the good stuff and eliminated the rest. Our products are formulated without all the BAD STUFF (we call it B.S.) and have opted to set a standard of ingredient safety so our products may be used with full confidence by anyone.

Our full ingredient deck is listed on each respective product page. We understand how important it is to have access to the knowledge of what is inside your favorite products. 



sweatWELLth Encapsulated Technology

Our formulas use a proprietary encapsulated technology that provides delivery systems tailor-made to afford protection, aid in repair, keep the body fresh & cool and replenish essential electrolytes.


Refresh Technology – a proprietary time release formula that works to refresh and cool the skin for hours after your workout.  The REFRESH ingredients are infused into the core and surrounded by a shell coating.  The release rate is controlled by the outer shell's unique permeation properties, providing an immediate and continued long-lasting REFRESH sensation.

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Repair Technology – an anti-inflammatory formula that works by strengthening the skin’s barrier properties and help seal the moisture into the skin.  Effective and long-lasting hydration helps the skin REPAIR itself and heal the effected area naturally.

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Defense Technology – the proprietary formula includes an antibacterial system to DEFEND against and prevent harmful fungus from growing.  The antibacterial properties also relieve any skin irritations and helps to heal wounds, all while providing antiseptic relief to chapped or broken skin.

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Cool Technology – a proprietary formula using microshpere technology which provides enhanced delivery of the time-released cooling ingredients.  The three cooling agents have different performance time making their release optimized to result in a long-lasting and COOL sensation relieving & soothing sensitive areas. 

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Electrolyte Technology – loaded with powerful minerals, potassium-K+, sodium-NA+, calcium-CA+ and magnesium-MG2+ ! ELECTROLYTE loss during physical activity must be replenished as they are key to helping retain fluids and a proper fluid balance contributes to optimal performance.



SW Fragrance Technology — Our all natural vanilla scent is released slowly and continuously over time.  The encapsulated fragrance will release a BURST of fragrance when triggered by moisture or sweat.

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Other Properties & Ingredients worthy of note:

Hylauronic Acid occurs naturally throughout our bodies and is the building block which boosts the skin's hydration, soothes and defends against moisture loss.  A powerful humectant [aka moisture binding ingredient] that keeps skin plump, and yes, young looking!

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MOISTURE WICKING properties are very familiar to those who buy and wear the latest in athletic apparel.  This technology has now been formulated to provide all those "cool dry" properties of your favorite running shirt and captured them in a spray for your skin. Last thing you want to experience during an intense work-out is that drenched heavy feel.