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Good For You


Natural Detox Deodorant

Live your life in motion with a hard-working all natural deodorant that won’t let you down. GOOD FOR YOU fights odor and bacteria with activated bamboo charcoal, a natural and sustainable ingredient that comes from the eco-friendly resource, bamboo. Our natural deodorant works to control odor and draw out toxins without the use of parabens, sulfates, baking soda or aluminum. While sweating may be embarrassing it is natural and GOOD FOR YOU! We sweat in order to release toxins from our body so stopping this function is detrimental.  Detox your reliance on traditional antiperspirants and allow your underarms to “breathe” like they are meant to. 


Net wt 2.5oz / 70g

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  • Apply under arms to clean, dry skin.  Reapply as needed after showering or exercise.
  • Unlike drugstore antiperspirant deodorants, GOOD FOR YOU will not leave white streaks or residue under your arms or on your clothing.
  • When you transition from antiperspirant to natural deodorant, your body goes through a "detox" period.  Antiperspirants block sweat glands, thereby preventing you from sweating while a natural deodorant allows your underarms to breathe freely which is a more healthy alternative.  Here's more details:

  • As you make this “GOOD FOR YOU” lifestyle change, allow your body to go through a period of detox.

    Keep in mind, you…

    • may NOT experience any issues to start
    • may experience some breakthrough odor which is normal as your underarms are detoxing
    • may experience more than your normal sweating or wetness, again, this is normal as your body is ridding itself of toxins and bacteria
    • will experience less sweating & odor within a couple of weeks once the detox process is completed
  • This all-natural deodorant helps HEAL too, long-lasting hydration helps repair delicate skin from the inside out.
  • We kept all the good stuff and eliminated the rest. This product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and GMOs. And of course, no animal testing ever—just on active people, like you!


Activated bamboo charcoal - Made from the fastest growing, renewable resource—bamboo— this known odor control ingredient chemically binds substances (i.e. bacteria and toxins) to draw them out.

 SW Skin Repair Encapsulated Technology — Our advanced anti-inflammatory formula not only improves the skin’s barrier but helps heal, hydrate, and protect from future aggravators.

 SW Fragrance Technology — Our all natural vanilla scent is a result of green chemistry and is released slowly and continuously over time.  The encapsulated fragrance will release a BURST of fragrance when triggered by moisture or sweat.

100% natural, unmodified starch - Featuring advanced micro-fine technology, this key component made from Scandinavian barley, absorbs oil and water to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Aluminum Free

No Talc

No Baking Soda