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Travel Kit

Pre – During – Post

workout essentials

Hydrate, energize and cool down when you need it most. Discover some of our favorite travel sized body products and see why they are about to become a staple in your gym bag or any bag for that matter...they are TSA APPROVED!!

FRICTION FREE is an easy to apply spray that cools and repairs skin from damage that is caused by chafing. POWER SHOWER cleanses away the dirt, oil and sweat clinging to your skin. LIP QUENCH is loaded with electrolytes and other SPF fighting technology, so it is geared for wherever your active life takes you. Think of NO SWEAT as your skin and hair pre-workout hydration essential that will minimize important moisture loss and keep you performing at your max. HYDRADRENCH nourishes your skin with botanicals and leaves you feeling cool, moisturized and refreshed. 

TRAVEL KIT ($55.00 Value) includes:

Friction Free 1.3 oz/ 36g
Power Shower 1.3 oz/ 36g
Lip Quench .17 oz/ 5g
No Sweat 1.3 oz/ 36g
Hydra Drench 3.4 fl oz/ 100mL 

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